WestWind Just Keeps Right on Growing: Two AMS Systems Give Iowa Company a Boost

Iowa recycler stays on growth trajectory; WestWind Logistics gets a boost from new AMS pallet sorting and repair systems.


By Tim Cox



Des Moines, IOWA — Jeff DeVries and Shane Thompson have had one goal since they became partners and acquired WestWind Logistics: grow it more.


DeVries and an equity group owned the company previously, and Thompson was a long-standing employee when the pair teamed to purchase the business at the beginning of 2014.


They immediately began reinvesting in plant infrastructure, and one of their key suppliers has been Automated Machine Systems (AMS), which provides pallet handling and recycling machinery and equipment along with complete systems for handling, sorting, and repairing pallets. AMS also developed PalMate®, a leading enterprise resource planning software for the pallet industry.


It would be a mistake, however, to regard WestWind Logistics as a pallet company. As its name suggests, it is much more than that.


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