Corporate Recycling

Corporate Recycling

Recycling Services

WestWind offers a full line of recycling services. In today’s business world, environmental responsibility is everyone’s concern. Let WestWind assist you in reducing or eliminating your waste stream from going to the landfill. WestWind is dedicated to make this process efficient, safe and convenient for our clients.


WestWind provides the following recycling services:


  • Pallets: WestWind will take all wooden and plastic pallets. If the size and configurations is resellable, it may even be worth some credit.
  • Scrap Wood: WestWind also has the capability to dispose of all scrap wood and dunnage. All wood waste is ground to into mulch with the ferrous material removed and recycled too.
  • Cardboard / Paper slip sheets: All paper and cardboard is baled and recycled, or sorted and resold.
  • Scrap Plastics: Plastics are baled and recycled.Call today to discuss a customized program to fit your needs!

Roll Off Services

WestWind is now offering a full line of roll off services to accomodate your waste and recyclable material removal. We offer three types of containers for your convenience.


We supply 20 cu yd and 40 cu yd roll off containers and self contained compactors for cardboard and plastic Roll Off Containermaterials.


Are you currently putting wood, plastic or cardboard in your landfill bound roll off? Let WestWind help you design a waste removal and recycling program that can help you save money by eliminating recycable materials from your waste stream.