Manage reusable assets efficiently

Reverse Logistics

In today’s supply chains, reusable packaging and pallet pools continue to gain momentum. The challenge is managing these reusable assets efficiently.

WestWind helps customers accomplish their sustainability initiatives and full economic potential of reusable packaging through our total pallet management (TPM) programs. We handle millions of reusable, returnable and recyclable items each year at our Reverse Logistics Centers (RLC) in addition to on-site locations within customers’ facilities. We handle everything from wood pallets, pooled pallets, totes and reusable plastic containers to recyclable corrugate, scrap wood, and plastics. Everything is tracked and reported. In addition, we can offer trailer washing services, so all trailers returning to your DC are empty, clean, and ready for the next load.


Let WestWind provide the means to reclaim potential lost revenue from these products, paying big dividends to your supply chain. Contact us today to start creating a customized solution to streamline your logistics flow.